Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spirit of Depression

We have all struggled with depression at some point in our lives. We have our ups and downs. We have had difficulty getting out of the pit. At times it can be a tedious task but somehow we work through it, the sun shines again, and we feel a sense of freedom. However, I understand that others have difficult balancing hormones, with chemicals in the brain, and past issues that keep us in that place of depression - therefore needing medication to help us work through it. But I never thought that there could be a spirit of depression. I never thought about a spirit depressing our minds, souls, and lives until revealed to me one particular day.
Called to Pray

I cried as usual, spoke in my prayer language, and waited for the Lord to reveal to me what was happening. I began to see a crowd of people gathered in someone's home. I did not see any one particular person that I knew. I watched the gathering - still praying in my prayer language and somewhat tearful - suddenly a figure appeared through the crowd. At first sight my lips began to move more rapidly. I felt more of an urgency to pray. The evil spirit lingered in the back of the room by the wall as if to hide and stay away - yet it appeared strong. I continued - I cried even more - my body shivered and at times my stomach would jerk.

The figure stared right at me. I heard the Lord say, "It's the spirit of Depression." I prayed - allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work through me. After a while of intense prayer - the figure began to get smaller and smaller - and then it slowly exited through the back wall of the room where it had been standing. My tears suddenly came to a halt. It was over.
I quickly rose from the floor to go and draw what I had seen. Afterwards I stepped back and took a deep look at the drawing. A couple of things interested me -

  1. The face was square - out of proportion

  2. The eyes were slanted - I know that when suffering from depression it is difficult to view the world in a healthy way

  3. It looked sad yet evil all at the same time

If the depression is from an attack from a spirit of depression, then the Lord revealed to me that day that there can be freedom from it. There can be victory - we can pray through it. We can find healing from it. It may be a difficult battle but it can happen. If you are suffering from depression you may want to think about gathering your most trusted intercessory prayer warriors to pray over you - anoint you with oil - and demand that in Jesus' name this spirit of depression flee. Declare victory - it's time - it's time to go to battle.

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